CC2510 Module, +1dBm, N207AS-2400M

CC2510 Module, +1dBm, N207AS-2400M

Frequency: 2.4GHZ
Output Power: 1mW
Brand: Coral RF
Modulation: FSK
Package: SMD
Model: N207AS-2400M

Radio module based TI CC2510.

N207AS designed for 2400MHz-2483MHz ISM band.

N207AS radio module based TI CC2510, designed for 2400MHz-2483MHz ISM band.

The CC2510Fx/CC2511Fx is a true low-cost 2.4 GHz system-on-chip (SoC) designed for lowpower wireless applications. The CC2510Fx/CC2511Fx combines the excellent performance of the state-of-the-art RF transceiver CC2500 with an industry-standard enhanced 8051 MCU, up to 32 kB of in-system programmable flash memory and 4 kB of RAM, and many other powerful features. The small 6x6 mm package makes it very suited for applications with size limitations.

The CC2510Fx/CC2511Fx is highly suited for systems where very low power consumption is required. This is ensured by several advanced low-power operating modes. The CC2511Fx adds a full-speed USB controller to the feature set of the CC2510Fx. Interfacing to a PC using the USB interface is quick and easy, and the high data rate (12 Mbps) of the USB interface avoids the bottlenecks of RS-232 or low-speed USB interfaces.

  • Radio

    • High-performance RF transceiver based on the market-leading CC2500

    • Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking performance

    • High sensitivity (−103 dBm at 2.4 kBaud)

    • Programmable data rate up to 500 kBaud

    • Programmable output power up to 1 dBm for all supported frequencies

    • Frequency range: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz

    • Digital RSSI / LQI support

  • Current Consumption

    • Low current consumption (RX: 17.1 mA @ 2.4 kBaud,
      TX: 16 mA @ −6 dBm output power)

    • 0.3 µA in PM3 (the operating mode with the lowest power consumption)

  • MCU, Memory, and Peripherals

    • High performance and low power 8051 microcontroller core.

    • 8/16/32 kB in-system programmable flash, and 1/2/4 kB RAM

    • Full-Speed USB Controller with 1 kB USB FIFO (CC2511Fx)

    • I2S interface

    • 7 – 12 bit ADC with up to eight inputs

    • 128-bit AES security coprocessor

    • Powerful DMA functionality

    • Two USARTs

    • 16-bit timer with DSM mode

    • Three 8-bit timers

    • Hardware debug support

    • 21 (CC2510Fx ) or 19 (CC2511Fx ) GPIO pins

  • General

    • Wide supply voltage range (2.0V - 3.6V)

N207AS Specifications

Protocols                             IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency bands (MHz)                     2400-2483
TX power (Max) (dBm)       1
RX current (lowest) (mA)   18
TX current (lowest) (mA)       19
Sleep current (lowest) (uA)1
Data rate (Max) (kbps)   500
Operating temperature range (C)       -30 to 75
Package                           SMD
Size                                                         26 x 17 x 3mm
Antenna   Interface         PCB antenna, IPEX

N207AS datasheet download

PCB layout and pin define

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N207AS-2400M     CC2510   1dbm, 2400Mhz-2483Mhz

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N207AS Software code example‍            Download  N207AS datasheet Download CC2510 datasheet

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